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3 responses to “Reflections On The Health Care “Debate””

  1. Ryan

    “But I also know that it’s long past time for our health care problems to have been solved solely by market forces”

    Naomi you can’t be serious that Health Care is currently a free market. What about purchasing insurance across state lines? What about all the govt mandates related to what needs to be included in insurance coverage. What about caps on litigation? There are a many government imposed regulations that keep Health Care in a stranglehold currently. And now you want more government intervention? Really?

  2. Ryan

    Naomi you make some great points, but you will never convince me that ugly government solutions are better than nothing. Yes, caps on litigation are more govt, but that would not be the type of intervention that would restrict innovation and the free markets. Eliminating the rules that create state boarders around insurance does not seem like more government to me even though technically it may be. It sounds more like you are trying to validate bad government solutions to a nice sounding ideological issue. We would be best served to assume that whatever is signed into law will be much worse in reality. Government programs are susceptible to fraud more than anything else. Lets de-regulate before and see how much lower the bar goes and how many more are added to health care before we assume that wont work and we add what even the Dems agree is a big hot mess. The only reason they are signing on to this is because they think its worse not to pass some thing – Bill Clinton. Government entitlements are not what made this the most popular country in the world to move to. You can get that elsewhere. Free markets are why people want to be here. If you disagree, then we are talking about a difference in opinion about the fundamentals of our country. Plus, emergency room visits are paid by the taxpayer anyway………