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2 responses to “Gartner buys Burton and the Analyst Consolidation Question”

  1. Randy Giusto

    actually, many don’t see the forrest for the trees.

    IT analyst firms are not the only behemoth here. Your statement- “All of these firms center their business around being knowledgeable about the IT world, mostly technology used for business (vs. consumers)” is not quite accurate.

    Forrester had and still has a burgeoning consumer research group (Jupiter had a big consumer focus). I’ve built several research programs that were both enterprise-focused and copnsumer-focused for vendors, capital markets, and service providers (Telecom and cable).

    There are tons of analyst boutiques focusing on consumer research and selling there wares to vendors who are in the consumer market (most IT vendors are in the consumer market- HP, Intel, Cisco, etc.). It is still a B2B sale.

    Then there are the consumer research firms that do all the internal projects for the CPG and consumer tech brands that the IT research firms (Gartner, IDC, Forrester, etc.) would never get a shot at. Firms like TNS, Nielsen, comScore, and giant WPP (who has bought up tons of research and metrics measurement firms) all who have their own metrics measurement businesses as well as their own survey samples for custom work.

    Look at Outsell’s reports. IT market research firms are just a segment in the grander scheme of things.

    If you saw the movie “Men in Black,” at the end was the universe marbles games. Think of Gartner as one of the races trying to control the known universe. But think of WPP as the creature putting the marbles into the bag at the end of the flick!